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New Eura Mobil motorhomes

Coach-Built Low-Profile, Over-Cab or A-Class motorhomes from Eura Mobil

Eura Mobil motorhomes offer the highest quality and a feel-good atmosphere. Eura Mobil coach-built Low-Profile, Over-Cab or A-Class motorhomes are manufactured in Sprendlingen near Mainz in Germany and therefore have “Made in Germany” build quality and leave nothing to be desired. Choose the right motorhome for your needs from Eura Mobil’s wide range of products and book a viewing today.

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Eura Mobil MotorHome Range Brochure 2023/24

  • Eura Mobil Activa One

    Eura Mobil Activa One

    Just pack everything in, without having to worry about whether everything fits. This is reality with the Eura Mobil Activa One. This Coach-Built all-rounder impresses with a huge loading volume of up to 4,000 litres, yet thanks to its lightweight architecture, it is also possible to…
  • Eura Mobil Profila T

    Eura Mobil Profila T

    The way you want to feel on holiday, is just how the interior of the Eura Mobil Profila T is designed. The huge panoramic window brings the wonders of the sky inside to you and invites you to dream and relax. The transition between the kitchen,…
  • Eura Mobil Profila RS

    Eura Mobil Profila RS

    The interior of the Eura Mobil Profila RS motorhome has a generous sense of space, due to the perfectly integrated lift-up bed. Thanks to the lightweight construction of the upper floor and a light bed, the Profila RS can be loaded easily within the 3.5-ton class…
  • Eura Mobil Contura

    Eura Mobil Contura

    Contura is the luxury class of Eura Mobil low-profile motorhomes. With distinctive light edges and a smooth connection between cab and GRP superstructure, you can see the high standards of Eura Mobil’s engineering design. With Alde hot water heating, heated double floor and the Mercedes-Benz chassis…
  • Eura Mobil Integra Line

    Eura Mobil Integra Line

    Eura Mobil's Integra Line range offers premium travel comfort in a compact format. Due to low total height and a short, clear cab, these liners are particularly easy to handle. But despite their compact design, these motorhomes offer high-quality features such as two-tone furniture including glossy…
  • Eura Mobil Integra

    Eura Mobil Integra

    With our flagship Integra, we are redefining the motor home upper class. The emotionally striking and at the same time functional and safety-oriented lighting design underlines the luxurious character of this liner inside and outside. Ambient lighting and state-of-the-art LED technology compose an impressive light symphony.…
  • Eura Mobil Xtura

    Eura Mobil Xtura

    Being able to take on new freedoms where others must abandon – a goal on the Xtura roadmap. Thanks to a great range of almost 20 days, an all-wheel drive, a particularly rigid bodywork and a global navigation system, our long-distance camper takes you to your…